My girls say "YES WE CAN!"

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  1. My husband walked in this morning and said very seriously, "You'd better go look in the coop." I dropped everything and ran because the way he sounded I was convinced there were half a dozen dead birds in there...but instead, I found the prettiest little brown egg I've ever seen.

    That it should happen this morning, of all mornings, just brings me the deepest joy.
  2. miss_jayne

    miss_jayne Lady_Jayne

    Jun 26, 2008
    Columbiaville, MI
    what a blessing! go little pullets, go!!!
  3. jbowyer01

    jbowyer01 Just Me!

    Aug 29, 2008
    Hogansville, Georgia
    [​IMG] Congratulations! I tell mine every morning think eggs..Cant wait to get my first one.
  4. Pumpkinpup

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    Jul 16, 2008
    North-West Georgia
    Congrats on the egg.
  5. Morning Dove

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    Oct 13, 2008
    Eastern Shore MD
    I still have no eggs from my hens!

    Can anyone point me to a vido that includes the sound of this egg laying squawk?

  6. texaschickmama

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    Sep 19, 2007
    Poolville, TX
    Is their a political undertone here? [​IMG] Now, He can make your chickens lay eggs, too? [​IMG]
  7. Congratulations! And getr ready for lots more...[​IMG]
  8. 9 chickens, 3 days, 3 gorgeous eggs...each one a tad larger...I think she's getting the hang of it! I can't wait to figure out who it is!

    I'm proud of ALL of my girls, though. Still can't believe they're all grown up! And Lynne, I'm ready for more! I have friends who are lined up. :) They've saved their egg cartons for me, so I guess I gotta share!
  9. lovemychix

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    Oct 14, 2008
    Moulton Iowa
    Congrats! That sounds like my hubby. He never goes to the coop and went to shut the door and found a baby egg in the must have fell out of her and she didn't know what to do. He didn't tell me just to go take a look! I still have that egg. It is the smallest one I ever got!! I'm sure it's all white and no yolk but I'll never know!
  10. OMG, I'm so glad you still have it.

    I thought I might be crazy. I had my daughter take pictures of this one and I'm carrying the egg in my purse wrapped in several layers of paper towels and in a zip lock baggie. I have shown it to anyone who makes the mistake of acknowledging my presence.


    Yep...the crazy chicken lady...they fear me in the post office...

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