My girls spent their first night in the henhouse!


9 Years
May 27, 2010
I put my 4 week old chicks out in their henhouse for the first night last night! I sectioned off a corner of the henhouse with draftguard (actually it's jungle-theme corrugated cardboard wallpaper my church was going to throw out;)) and put their heat lamp across the top (secured to the roost and a ladder). I think the move from the indoor brooder to the henhouse was much harder on me than it was on the chickens! It reminded me of the first night my daughters spent in their own room--I was so nervous and couldn't wait to check on them in the morning!! Glad to know I can come here where other chickie-parents understand!
Here is a pic of the henhouse:

Here is a pic of some of the chicks in their new big-chick brooder in the henhouse:

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