My girls think it's summer.... Up to my eyeballs in eggs. Normal?

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8 Years
Mar 9, 2011
I always heard that production decreases over the winter. My girls never got that message. I'm getting just as many eggs as I did over the summer. Anyone else experience this? They free-range all day and get supplemental layer feed, also free choice, 5 grain scratch, and crushed oyster shells. Will they continue to lay well or will they take z 'break'?
Don't question a good thing! They will know
and stop laying for you!
Yes, there is another thread on this same subject. The days are starting to get longer. More light helps with egg production. Should continue till the hotter months arrive.
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good for you, don't jinx it. I feed mine just like you, free range all day...I dropped from 12 a day to 4...but I also have 3 in a molt of sorts too...
mine are 39 weeks old.
Mine haven't slowed down either, but I put a light in my coop to come on early in the mornings so they still have long days. But yea, don't jinx it, lol
Mine have slowed down recently but are starting to pick back up. We are having warm weather, people were playing golf here yesterday at 57. I agree don't jinx it.
If they are in their first year of laying, you won't notice much difference. After that is when you get a HUGE impact on egg production. I've been able to squeak by without having to buy eggs thankfully, but just barely - and I started hoarding them in September.
Our flock is brand new and our first; all hatched on July 5th. While we were told by seasoned veterans that it was likely they all would start laying in the middle of winter (because they're pullets), we were told that they'd probably lay later than would be usual (regardless of breeds) and that production would be low.

Our chickens apparently don't care what anyone says.

Our BA started laying at 24 weeks and has laid 12 eggs in the 14 days since she started laying. The only two days she missed were the 2nd and 4th days after she started. Ever since she's been dropping an egg a day. We're shocked, and in a way, I feel bad for! @[email protected]

A second chicken (we have to find out who) started yesterday now...who knows what she'll do, and there are three more that haven't started just yet. If they all follow suit with the BA, we're going to be up to our eyeballs in eggs in the middle of winter.
If you have pullets in their first year of lay, and especially if they are the hybrids designed for laying, or a breed like the leghorn, yes, it's normal for your chickens to lay through the winter. All other flocks will start to see an upswing in production in late February, especially if you're somewhere with mild weather. But, the following year, they'll molt and on top of that, production decreases by at least 20%. That's why commercial farms keep only young birds! I have a lot on my website about what to expect with older hens at

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