my goose beats me.

Discussion in 'Geese' started by chickensducks&agoose, Sep 24, 2010.

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    I feel like I'm in a bad relationship with my goose. Every time I come close to him, or he comes close to me (feeding, or putting them up at night) he gets his head all low and puts his wings out, and then usually manages to bite me or beat me. he caught me good behind the knee with his tiny elbow, and I have a huge bruise! And I still kind of like him! What's wrong with me? I'm a vegetarian, so I couldn't eat him, and I really admire and appreciate how he protects the ducks, even if it's just against me. I've got kids, and 1 is terrified of him, the other 2 avoid, but aren't really afraid... I got him as a teenager 2 years ago, and he is just such a jerk! my other 2 geese hiss more and get physical much less... Mr. Goose doesn't even hiss at all, he just hits and bites. hard.
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    Have you considered counseling?

    Haha, just kidding. [​IMG]

    Ganders are like that. He doesn't hiss because he isn't afraid of you. Try grabbing his neck, firmly but not hard, and hold on to it while you tell him in a loud voice how you feel about him. Take your time. He won't understand a word, of course, but he'll learn that you are not easy prey. Eventually, he'll find out that life is easier for him if he just yells at you from a distance.
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    I don't have too much experience with geese. What works for us is grabbing them by the beak of the neck and having a harsh talk about a crock pot or something like that. [​IMG]
    No seriously, mine were bothering with my mom and I made her grab their beak and it worked. They now don't get near her. Same thing with my 6 year old son. I looked out the window one day and he had my girl by the neck. He was not choking her or hurting her just simply telling her to back off.
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    I've actually had to push him down on the ground, and crouch over him, holding his head to the dirt, and tell him exactly how I feel... my husband caught me doing that one day, and nearly laughed his bum off. I don't let him 'get away' with it, but he really doesn't care, just pops back up and comes back at me. I am grateful though, that he doesn't seem to LIKE me... that would be even worse I think. I can understand a goose being a jerk, I wouldn't want one in love with me. I've considered therapy though too.
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    I have also tried grabbing the beak or neck and that works. Another thing that I have done is to grab my gander and pick him up and hold him for a little while. My geese don't mind being petted but they don't really like to be held. When you pick up the gander, make sure that you have good control of the wings and neck so that he doesn't bite you in the face. I've found that when I have held my gander for a few minutes he'll leave me alone for a few days. Every time he acts ugly to me I hold him and carry him around for about 5 minutes. Now, we visit! He comes right up to me and lets me pet him. We chatter for a vew minutes and then he goes about his business. I agree that you have to let them know that you're the "lead goose".
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    I agree with the other posts. My parents had the meanest gander..his name was Scrooge and it suited him. He would attack everyone but I wasn't bothered by him much since I would stand up to him and grab him by the neck. You must show him WHO is BOSS!!
    I feel as if someone needs to take a video of your goose attack and post it. maybe I am alittle sick but I'd fall out laughing. If my geese attack me I am grabbing the camera!
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    I wave my arms above my head (like I'm flagging a plane or something, LOL) and yell and come forward at far, so good.
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    Thanksgiving is coming.
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    Quote:That's what someone said this morning when I mentioned taking an aggressive lake-park gander home. I don't think I could ever do that, I would have to give him away to someone else to do it for me. [​IMG] Just kidding.
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    I have a pair of plastic army rain pants that are pretty stiff and hard to bite through. Another idea is leather chaps [​IMG]

    When two ganders fight, the winner basically exhausts the loser, who crumples to the ground in utter submission. This means you have to chase him until he is exhausted. Supposedly the "loser" gander will crumple to the ground just at the sight of his conqueror. I guess this could be quite aerobic . . .

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