My goose is finally broody! *PICS*


11 Years
Mar 12, 2008
Los Angeles CA
well, she had been laying since january and her nests would pile up and the old eggs would root and i would have to remove them, and finally after months, she built a new nest, laid 6 eggs, ripped some down out, and i havent seen her leave yet, (even though im sure she has) and the male doesnt come up for pets anymore cuase i though he was and he bit me lol

will post pics in a little while!
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Sorry but the gettin bit part is funny.. He will stand guard for her so dont eat him or anything drastic lol he is just doing his job.. Congradulations:)
i wouldnt eat him:) he usually just nibbles but then he clamped down when i was petting him, i wasnt mad at all, i think its cute how he protects her
WHERE'S THE PIC?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
annette'spets :

Hi, just love the photo of the straw sticking out the wings!! Nice rocks and water pond for them too.

lol, thats not straw, she has angel wing, but ive incubated alot of her eggs and suprisingly, none of the babies have it, but i know they can still pass it on.​
I love your pond and everything for them all we have is a nasty lagoon and then I really don't want to touch my ducks after that!

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