my goose is traumatized.

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  1. My goose is usually a gigantic jerk. He bites, and hits, and generally is the devil-goose... Last week, it actually got so bad that I was trying to whack him with a cheap (thin and bendy) plastic bowl while he bit me and bruised me with his wings... he remained undeterred. Anyway, 3 days ago, he got traumatized somehow... i don't know what happened, but I couldn't catch him (he usually goes right into the goose house), and he spent 3 nights on the pond... I managed to corner him today, and he didn't try to bite me at all, or anything, and seemed super afraid of me, and of the other geese, and even of my KIDS... which is nuts since he usually tries to kill everything he sees... I know it wasn't the bowl incident that made him lose his mojo, but I don't know what it could be? any ideas?
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    Do you have other ganders? Is it possible they had a fight and he lost his status among the flock?
  3. not that I know of.. I've got a baby goose, who is actually mostly grown now, but I think/hope it's a girl.. CHinese, so it's hard to tell the difference. and the Lady goose is super dominant, but she always has been. I took away a few of his ducks last weekend, trying to get all the geese/ducks to live in the same house, instead of 3 different ones.. but Mrs. Goose tried to kill Mr. goose, so I kept Mr goose separate with 2 of his ducks. so things are changing, but the attitude difference is huge, he seems terrified, like he just discovered that I'm not a vegetarian or something... but I am...
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    Is it possible someone/something else went after him? That's a very uncharacteristic change.
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    He may return to his old self eventually.

    I can only go with what I know about wild and feral birds, but I've seen when a bird all of the sudden becomes very sensitive and afraid it means that something has shown it that it's mortal or could be hurt and that there are creatures that can overpower it. It could be because of a wild or feral gander attacking him or a predator or another person. I've studied wild birds that have gotten attacked or in bad fights become afraid of everything alive in their environments. But, eventually, something will distract them from their fears and they will regain their composure.

    I hope it's nothing more serious like an illness or serious predator or person.
  6. my birds free range during the day, so it's very possible that something scared him, I am just so surprised by the behavioral switch... instead of getting bitten and being grouchy with him, I feel really sorry for him, and am trying to pat him, and remind him that I'm the lady who feeds him and brings him treats, and changes his goose house bedding.... he hasn't tried to bite me at all.. very odd... I hope he does get better!

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