My Goose laid a Tiny egg then a Enormous egg!!! UPDATED:PICS ADDED!!!!


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My gray Sebastopol girl lad th smallest goose egg I have ever seen yesturday mourning... I cracked it open and it was full of a huge yoke... Then this mourning I went out and she laid a huge egg twice the size of a normal egg... What are the chances this is a double yoker??? Well I put it in the bator just to see if it does anything... It looks like a pefect egg just ginormous!!! I'll up load pics later today of it... This is her first week of laying... Opinions on goose egg double yokers would be nice.... Thanks
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Well this explains why I'm only getting eggs every other day.....hmmm thought it was cause my geese just starting laying. First year with geese
No I have her in alone with 1 gander. Yes I'm sure it is a gander... Besides that, I was in the barn when she laid the second huge egg... I threw the tiny egg away after opening it to see it was full of one huge yoke that took up the whole egg.... She did skip the time before the tiny egg... It was 3 days between a noral egg and when she had the tiny egg... Then 24 hours later the huge egg came out!!! Here is a pic of both, the tiny egg next to a normal sized egg, and the giant egg in the bator with normal sized eggs...

Pic 1 tiny egg next to a normal sized egg.

Pic 2 giant egg in the incubator with normal sized eggs...
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From what I've read a regular sized goose egg weighs about 5.3 oz. How much does the giant egg weigh?

My goose laid one tiny egg - like a large chicken egg - just one hour after having laid a more regular sized egg. As far as I can see, the eggs are generally getting bigger. The first five eggs were between 4.7 and 4.9 oz., then came the tiny one, and then two 5.1 oz. The last one from yesterday weighed 5.5 oz.
Oh I forgot to add the weights in... The tiny egg was 2.6oz and the huge egg is 8oz... One of her normal eggs is 4.9oz.... Anyone know if I should keep the humidity at 50% for the huge egg???
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I have had it in the incubator for a week now and see one embryo growing in it... If it only has one growing in it and it is a huge egg, will it be able to hatch??? I'm worried the egg will still have a lot of fluid in it and will drown the gosling before it can hatch... Has anyone ever been through this? If so what happened? Thanks....
Its not unusual for the first egg to be small or odd shaped.
It is recommended to not set odd shaped or unusual sized eggs
but heck why not try that big one?
All barnyard birds incubation days are about the same whether they lay bantam size eggs or jumbo eggs.
If the interior anatomy of the egg is normal you may just end up with a baby Huey!

Good luck!
Yup, when my my birds stated laying their eggs initially were either small or oddly shaped (mostly elongated). Twin yoked is rather rare but not unheard of.

Here is a video of a double yoked egg hatching:

In the video she does something that I thought you should NEVER do - assist in the hatching. Letting the birds come out in their own pace allows gain strength, the membrane dry-out and stick to the hatchling, and the umbilical cord/yoke to disengage (otherwise they risk bleeding to death).


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