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Apr 6, 2009
kountze texas
daughter was in labor almost 24 hours . they tried to stop it but couldnt. Little Ayden Michael weighs 3.75 lbs. and is 15.1 inches long. momma is doing great baby is doing ok. On a respirator and his blood sugar was low but doing better than expected. Please keep in your prayers
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Our neighbor will be delivering triplets in a couple of weeks. They'll be taking them early as well.

Prayers for your grandson.

Life is a miracle, even at 30 weeks!
Will be thinking of your grandson. My wife is due in Feb and we are hoping she doesn't go early. So far everything is going well, but its our first child and we are nervous!
Prayers for you and your family, and for your grandson to grow strong and healthy. Miracles happen everyday with modern medicine and the grace of the Good Lord.
Thanks everyone. I got only 4 hours of sleep. people kept calling to check on Brittney and Ayden. And I kept thinking it was gonna be the hospital... I am awake waiting or a decent time to go back up there... The babies daddy kept crying before they delivered the baby. he says he will not have anymore babies. he couldnt go thru the stress of worrying and feeling bad for the pain my daughter was in. I have never seen him cry. my daughter was the rock.
The doctor was going to send her home. the nurse came in with the discharge papers and decided she better check her before she left and she was dilated to a four. they were trying to get her to stay prego for at least 24 more hour

my daughter was under alot of stress her whole pregnancy... her daddy with heart problems , her work treating her like crap since they found out she was pregnant and then loosing her job a month ago. and finding out that she couldnt get unemployment because she was prego and they deemed her unable to work. a spot on her cervix that she needs a byopsy for. he cousin whichis her best freind almost dying when she had her baby and now my cousin who has spinal bifida is dying. he is on life support his brain is bleeding. He quit breathing yesterday. they got him breathing again. I believe all of this stress is what brought on her preterm labor.
Thoughts and prayers for everyone. It is amazing what they can do with preemies, and he is a BIG preemie compared to some of the ones born nowadays that survive.

Also, I don't know what kind of job she had, but in almost every job situation, unless its in the contract you cannot be fired for being pregnant. She needs to contact the labor relations board and get their opinion. Probably would not want to go back to work for the people she was working for, but that needs to be clarified for other people, and to see if that unemployment can't be started. Something isn't right there, and it stinks.
she is a medical assistant. they hired her after she did her hours with them. she found out she was pregnant 1 week after she started there . she was honest with them. they got mad if she had to go to the doctors. she had to go more often because of the spot on her cervix. she had to run tests...all we know is when she was a student and doing her hours all was well. as soon as she told them she was pregnant things changed...we looked up the laws on unemployment in texas and if you are deemed not able to work yu cannot get unemployemnt . and there is a grayline for pregnancy. it states at 35 weeks you are deemed unable to work. my daughter was 26 weeks when she lost her job. had him at 30 weeks. she is going to appeal it. her work kept her stressed so bad that she started making mistakes other workers saw it. even new employees asked her if the boss was out to get her. they didnt train her to do everything they expected her to know how to do things that she was never trained for. and after she was fired her boss is telling people that she was fired. and she goes to work everyday telling the employees that my daughter was talking bad about them on face book again. she is not even on my daughters freinds list . but I know for a fact the only thing my daughter ever put on face book was she was so stressed at work and that she was no longer employed there. she has kept in contact with several of the employees there. and that is how she is finding this out. we assumed the let her go so they dont have to pay maternity leave. also another girl that worked there had a miscarriage (not sure if it was from all the stress) nobody works there for long
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