My great pyr killed two of my chickens

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    Sep 6, 2007
    My 7 month old great pyr killed two of my chickens. One was in the night while she was trapped in the barn and a chicken got in. The other was out in the field last night - three chickens got out of their run and one was dead this morning. The hen had no obvious damage except for one small hole in the side of her neck. During the day, she goes with me into the chicken pens to feed and water, and lays happliy in the midst of them (other than trying to eat their food on occasion). We have had her for 3 months and she has tended the chickens with me every day since we got her with no problems. Is there anything I can do to stop her from doing this, or do I have to rehome our pup?

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    You have to train them. Make sure you are with the pup at introduction and that it knows you are the alpha. G.Pyrennes have to be raised with a stock. You can't expect to throw them into it and know what to do. After all 6 mos. is a puppy. They play tag with anything that moves. You have to train them till instinct kicks in when they are older. They are like any other young dog. Training is essential, your presence is essential, keeping either the dog or the chickens penned in your absence is essential. Don't give up on the dog yet. We use to breed Pyrennes and have one to this day. My chickens can sleep right up next to her and have no problem. But you have to be consistant in your training. They make excellent livestock dogs. Give her time to grow up. You will be glad you did.
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    Did you see her kill the birds?
    A hole in the neck is usually someone in the weasel family.

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