My handsome all white Saxony (pics)


9 Years
Mar 5, 2011
Berthoud, CO
Got this handsome man as an extra when I ordered from Holderreads a couple years ago. Just thought I'd share a couple pictures.

Anyone ever seen one like him?



I have a white Saxony girl. I don't use her for hatching eggs. She goes out with all the other Saxonies, but at night she has her own little condo so I know which her eggs are. She has gotten so smart that she goes straight into her condo in the evening and we close the door behind her. It is a large cage so she is still close to the others at night. In her condo she has her own food and water bowl. I think she likes that.
Yes they are! He does te featherkeeping all by himself! I wonder the same thing.

The Duck ABC's, how cute! I think it would be fun to try develop a breed standard for all-white Saxony. I doubt I'd be able to, but it'd be interesting to see some day.
My white Saxony also has blue eyes. I don't think they will ever breed them, because they do look like Pekins. Technically they are German Pekins. German Pekins are genetically slightly different from regular Pekins. Saxonies were bred out of several breeds and it is quite common to end up with a white kick back. Some would slaughter them to eliminate them out of their breeding pool. I've kept mine, love her, but do not use her eggs for breeding.

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