my handsome boy :) (swedish flower hen cockeral)


Mad Scientist
14 Years
Jun 1, 2008
Here is my beautiful Swedish flower hen rooster. He was limping and I noticed he had a scab on his foot. So while we were soaking I figured I would take a couple pics so you can see how laid back he really is. I am partial to the crested variety so any cockerals I keep are going to be crested
Here he is with my handsome son who is a ham and insisted on being in the pic
please excuse the mud, my ducks have had a field day with the leaky hose that I haven't found the time to fix

I was looking at the little mark on his wattle and he started to melt into my hand

Here he is just relaxing, he kept falling forward and was so mellow. He is such a sweet boy
He's so pretty, I love that breed. Maybe someday...

er... the chicken, not the kid. I mean... the kid's a fine boy too... but I don't want one.
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My kids frequently handle this boy and he doesn't even try to get away. I have other breeds that are a bit flighty but the kids are really drawn to these birds. I think it is a combination of their good looks and awesome personality
Here is a pic of a couple of the girls... I swore this black one was going to be a roo. She always peck us, always has. Not hard enough to hurt but funny nonetheless. The kids hold her and she doesn't peck them then, just seems like she either is wanting attention of trying to figure out how we taste


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