my hatch in little giant (pics added)

tuesdays chicks

9 Years
Apr 26, 2010
stuart florida
To the best of my knowledge I started with 17 eggs day 7 went to candle 16 eggs
mysterious vanishing egg oh well no one ownes up to making it disapear have 16 more eggs candle to see who is developing 3 no development out with them, down to 13 day 18 candle remove 1, 2 moved to side looked like they stopped growing about day 12 left in bator just in case I'm wrong, down to 10 expected to hatch, day 20 10pm I have a beak sticking through membrane at side of 1 egg with shell knocked off about 1/4 inch around. day 21 5am 1 new pip 6 am he zips 6:45 he's out, 10am more pip, by 2pm house full of people worried about the little guy with his beak popping in and out of side of shell, and 5 little chicks jumping about, well enough is enough going to do the big NO NO I reach in grab the egg and carefully break shell off around the beak membrane very dry and papery I wet it and cut it removed 1/2 the shell and membrane and put it back in incubator, yes chick survived before anyone decides to give me lecture on helping I honestly don't believe that chick would of got out of egg without help he's the biggest chick and was quite literally stuck. ok at bed time I now have 6 chicks, 4 in bator with 1 pip, day 22 wake up to find 1 chick and 2 pips noon another chick hatches and here I sit waiting for 2 eggs to hatch. pictures to follow when I remember how to do it.
2 more dark brahma hatched, 1 more egg was expected to hatch but I'm not holding out much hope .
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denise the buff brahma

Lauren the ee

Missy the buff laced polish

Gillian miracle chick ee

louie silver laced wyandotte

hughie and dewey the twin australorp

when the rest finish hatching or I give up I'll add ingred the dark brahma
so people is 9 chicks out of lets say 16 shipped eggs ( because I really don't know what happened to the vanishing egg,), incubated in a little giant a decent hatch? it was my 2nd hatch with this bator 1st hatch is such a long story because bantam broodys helped me out and hatched quail in it. I'm not disappointed because every breed of egg gave me at least 1 chick and I do love the mixed flock just hope there aren't too many little boys in there because they will have to go.
Adorable! I use little giant incubators too. I think 9/ 16 shipped eggs is very good. I hope for about a 50% hatch.
You may want to add some warm water to get humidity back up, just in case. I've never had one hatch that late, but I've read it happens, so never hurts to try before tossing! Congrats on the cuties you've hatched already, you did good!

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