Jan 3, 2017
Northwest, Indiana
Here is my new project!
It's a side by side Fridge and Freezer! The freezer part will be my hatcher and my incubator will be the Fridge part.

This is my Fridge:
We had to take off the doors, and glass shelf's to get it out their house.
IMG_3345.JPG IMG_3346.JPG IMG_3347.JPG IMG_3348.JPG IMG_3349.JPG
Got it home and had a Fridge repair man remove the Freon and the tank it held Freon in for free! Then demo started! So far this is my progress for today! Yes the fan in the freezer part works still!
IMG_3350.JPG IMG_3351.JPG IMG_3352.JPG IMG_3353.JPG IMG_3354.JPG IMG_3355.JPG IMG_3356.JPG

I will update more tomorrow!


Jan 3, 2017
Northwest, Indiana
Today I cut a hole in the Fridge door for a window. Pictures will be taken tomorrow of the doors!
I also silicone the windows onto the doors! I Used a pieces of glass shelving from the fridge as one window, and had to buy another piece of glass from the store.
Pictures will be uploaded soon.

Pictures of my egg turner tray!
I am going for something like this picture:
I plan to do 8 trays. Each tray will hold 30 eggs. I estimate each tray loaded with eggs will weigh around 5 lbs each. So 5lbs * 8 = 40lbs. I will be working of my racking system once I have the motor I finally decide to go with and the wood. I'm debating on either of these two turners:
Both cost the same price:
First one is a turner with a chain. I have no clue how to use it or wire it up. It ships from China and will take 1 month just to get here. It's ebay ad's name is
"220V Egg Turning Motor System Industrial Automatic Incubator With 100cm Chain ES"
No clue how strong it is, but I see it used in a lot of videos.
Turner 1..jpg
Second Turner.
High Torque (60lbs/in) (So it can work perfectly for my setup.)
Cabinet Egg Turner Motor 1 RPM
Hole in Shaft for easy Turner Shaft Linkage
Works with IncuStat Advanced & IncuKit XL Advanced
Incubator Warehouse 1 Year Hassle Free Guarantee
Can get to me in 1 week.
But I also don't know how to use it either.
Turner 2..jpg

So I only bought one tray to see if it would hold my Muscovy's eggs. The tray I bought is from Rite Farms Products. It costed $8 total with shipping. It won't hold my duck eggs on the proper side, so I flipped it over and it works great!
*Eggs in pictures are dirty from the ran we just had. So please forgive for the dirty eggs!*
Picture is of the tray the right way up. (It's meant for chicken eggs) You can buy 6 trays for only $14!!!! They are very durable and tough! I recommend these!
This picture is of the egg tray flipped upside down. See how nicely my egg fits? Way better!
IMG_3359.JPG IMG_3363.JPG
This is my turner rack tray. The egg tray fits perfectly inside my tray. And allows for easy removal of the egg tray.
IMG_3378.JPG IMG_3379.JPG IMG_3380.JPG

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