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I was cruising the Petfinder website last week looking to add a few new ladies to my flock. I stumbled on a picture of a hen locate at the Buffalo NY SCPA. She looked so lonely and depressed. I called about her and Shiela, the lady in charge informed me that she was found in the city living under someones porch. They rescued her. I told them i would think about it and would get back with her. All weekend long I kept thinking of the little red hen. Couldnt get her off my mind. SOOOOOOOOO Monday morning first thing I called to let them know I would make the long 3 1/2 hour trip up there from Ohio to get her. They were happy and informe me that they had rescued another little girl the day before and would I be intereste in her also? Duh....... So, up to Buffalo I went.

When I got to this place, I was amazed! this SPCA has a petting zoo for the local people! They had rescue animals that lived there on their little 'farm'. Everything from horses, miniture horses, goats, geese, chickens, pigs, etc! along with the cats, dogs, lizards, doves, etc. The place was immaculate.

I met up with Shiela and took a look at the two little girls. (I ended up naming them Elly and May (Elly May? from the Clampets????) Elly is the stronger of the two girls. She was found living under a porch in the city and was rescued. Looks to be in good health. Feathers are dull, and she is pale and thin.

I took one look at May and almost started to cry. This tiny, thin, feathers nasty, dirty legged little thing looked up at me with sad eyes. I think she was actually greatful when I picked her up and gave her a big hug and told here she was ok. She has a malformed beak. She seems to be able to eat, drink, etc. just fine though. She had a tether tied around her one leg. Looked like maybe someone had her tied by the leg to something to keep her. (like a lead or something?) She is small, pale but seems to be ok. She was found wandering around the streets of Buffalo loose with the tether tied to her. How could i not take the thing home with me. (and how could anyone keep a chicken tied outside with a tether around her leg?????)

They talked to each other all the way home. They both enjoyed the ride home with me i think. Elly hung her head out of the box and watched as traffic went by. I swear she was smiling. (I think they waved bye to the city too!)After the 300 mile round trip and getting them home, I let them loose in a little area of my coop that I had for them. They are so fragile, thin and small. But so sweet!

This is May.


May found the scratch bucket first! ALthough she had NO IDEA what to do with grass and dandilions, she knew the scratch.


I will have more pictures soon I am sure as they improve in health on my page.
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Well, my heart swells for you and your kindness to these two lovely little hens. May you be blessed beyond measure for your good heart!! Do keep us posted.

The one with the malformed beak appears to have been "de-beaked" as a chick. It's a horrible thing to do...kind of like cropping dogs ears or tails.
Oh bless your heart! They are so sweet!!!! When I read the part about them talking to eachother it just made me grin from ear to ear. Good job, Mama!!
Thanks! My husband asked that our yard not become a rescue lot though..... geeze. 5 acres of grass and woods, nothing for acres around us, i think i can squeeze another 20 or 30 or so on there. Don't cha think????

This morning they waited at the door for me. If they had tails, I am sure they would have been wagging them. I brought them all squash for breakfast. The new girls were kind of confused, but got the hang of it after watching my girls devour it. Just seem like they have never had greens before.
They are sweet!!
I rescued a hen that we found wandering around the streets of Sacramento in CA, many years ago when I had chickens there. She had either been dumped or had escaped a truck, I kid you not... a truck that drove around with egg laying chickens in it... they lived IN the truck in tiny cramped cages. A friend had seen the truck in the area a few hours or a day before we found "de-beaky" that is what I named her. She was what they call a production red, and are de-beaked partially as chicks.

Later here in WI I rescued 3 others, and my barn owner where I board at adopted them from me. Production reds, don't tend to live as long as other types, because of their egg laying tendencies.
Over the last two years we have lost 2 to old age, they were 2 when I got them, we have 1 left, and just got another from a nice lady who had had quite a few "dumped" on her by the kids and schools.

Congrats and enjoy them!!
Awww, what a great story! Congratulations on your two new girls, I am sure you will give them lots of love and care! Poor sweethearts will really appreciate it.
I think May will be just fine despite her beak--I have a BLRW with a badly crossed beak who does great.

Good for you, helping out two girls with no home and who probably haven't been treated very well.

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