My hearts getting me again...


7 Years
Mar 28, 2012
Columbia County, NY
You all know the story of Ling....just couldn't leave her there lol but my heart got me again tonight. I was looking on craigslist (bad habit) in the pet's section and I see an ad titled "DUCK" I saw it said "text/call for more info" I did and stupid me asked them to send a picture
I KNEW as soon as I saw the pic I'd be more then likely going to get this duck. Well they are keeping the duck in a 10 gallon fish tank! That's it's "home" "more then likely getting" turned into a "I'm coming to get it tonight" VERY VERY quickly! It looks too be a Pekin baby maybe 4ish weeks old (going from pictures) I am leaving my country home and travelling to the city (shreek) tonight to pick up the new baby! Wish me luck as I am definetly NOT a city person lmao and hoping this baby is nice and healthy :( These people probably should have never gotten it. As the ad states "Must get rid of getting too big"
Yet another cute Easter surprise :rolleyes: oh well, I can't complain, that's how I ended up getting started (dragged kicking and screaming might I add).

Let's have some pics when you get back.
Glad you are taking it! I know what you mean, people need to realize they are not always going to be a little fluffy baby. Post pics when you get it.
Well we are finally back lost, as I said I am NOT a city person and all those highways mean didly squat to me
I was happy to make it back home as we drove through one NASTY thunderstorm! But, I guess from what "daddy" told me is that mom and son got the duckling...never told dad lol and they live in an apartment. It was his idea to find a home for him because he knew the duck needed better then what it was getting.....guess he moved her from Tennesee and he had owned a farm, so he knew. The baby is generally in good shape, nice and healthy
I want to say it's about 4-5 weeks old, just starting to get some feathers. I vented it at a gas station and.....IT'S A BOY! lol The little boy (son) told me that he named him Butterball. Not sure if it will stay because I have this whole "chinese" name theme going on for the pekins. I will take some pics tomorrow of the new guy. I stuck him in with Ling and they took to each other like ducks to water! I was afraid to put him in there as I thought he'd pick at her but he walked over, she pecked him, and then they settled down next to each other and cuddled up! So cute :) I don't want to stick him with the bigger guys because our gander gets fresh with newcomers and he would probably hurt him or worse. So he's with Ling tonight
Oh and I have to add....sweetest little guy EVER. You can tell he was handled alot, he peeped and peeped and peeped some more until I took him out of the tote I had him in and sat him on my lap lol
We all get so up in arms about Easter babies (for good reason), but I got the sweetest little English Angora bunny thanks to Easter regret, and he is the best little house bunny/yarn factory I could hope for.
Thanks for taking the wee ducky. I have become the neighborhood rescue of late - three blue Araucanas were dropped on my doorstep the other day, days after the new bunny. I found the chickens a nice home where they are loved already, and think I'll keep a pen empty. (I have had 4 abandoned critters aside from the chicks brought to me since March. Good thing I know lots of crazy, young farmers!) Never know when someone new is going to drop by.

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