My heat lamp broke.


11 Years
Mar 12, 2008
Topanga Ca
Just found out the heat lamp lightbulb broke (as I went to turn it on). The ladies are almost 8 weeks old and sleep in a dog crate outside (in a locked coop). It's in the mid/ high 40's during the night. STil too cold?
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use a reg. light bulb. I only use 60 wt. bulbs but since they are outside you might try a bit larger wattage. Put the 60 in and read the temp. It may work. I only use 60wt. bulbs in sub weather over my waterer inside my coop during the winter. If it gets down in the teens then I turn on all three lights during the coldest hours of the night. I really think they will be ok.
Actually, since they are inside a coop and are feathered probably don't need a light if they are out of drafts.
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