My hen acts like a GAURD DOG!


9 Years
Feb 3, 2010
Ohio - Mid Ohio Valley
She'll be 1year old this June, widowed 3x's. Any car or visitor, person or animal and she's investigating.
The native birds? She chases them away. I was hoping to add another female this spring,BO. But I fear my hen will not accept a new girl to "her" territory.


The Center of a 50 Mile Radius
Jan 31, 2009
Tulsa, OK
Ah, the classic "Only Chicken Syndrome." Naw...just made that up. As I'm sure you know, chickens are extremely social animals and do best in flocks. She needs some clucky companions, and I suggest introducing at least three (3) more hens and one rooster (if you can have a rooster in your area). If there is more than one chicken introduced to her at once she's less likely to beat them up. I also had a hen who was "widowed" twice, and I ended up giving her to a friend who had an a flock so she could be with others of her kind.

Your Guard Girl will do better if the new chickens are nearly her size. Don't forget to quarantine any new additions for 30 days before introducing them to your girl. Best of luck to you!

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