my hen can't use her legs

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    Feb 22, 2009
    Alright, so i have an aruacana hen whose approximately 8 months old.
    She ended up getting real bad frostbite on all of her toes on her one foot. She was limping around, but not that bad. She was still able to get onto the roost and able to get down and go outside during the day.
    Then one night i noticed she was on the floor so i brought her inside, thinking i'll let her rest her leg for abit...
    Now for the last two days of her being inside for a week she has not been able to walk at all.
    Her good leg is the issue now, it sticks out straight in front of her its like she cant put it under her to support her.When she does attempt to move shes been kinda going backwards and flapping her wings.
    I'm not sure whats wrong i thought maybe she strained it because she was favoring her frostbitten one, but really i have no idea.
    If anyone has any suggestions on what could be wrong or any ideas on how to fix it, would be greatly appreciated.

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    Jan 19, 2009
    new zealand
    was she vaccinated for marek?
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    It sounds like she has been weakened and then either was not able to eat so is lacking nutrition or has come down with a disease

    . 1. For nutrition related: I would give her some baby bird formula and bird vitamins and keep her warm. You could feed her a hard boiled egg yoke too. And a little polyvisol vitamins for kids but without iron. Pedialyte is good if unsweetened.

    The symptoms also sound like it

    2. could be/ but may not be Mareks disease. I saw an herbal remedy on here just the other day for Mareks. I dont know if it works, but is supposed to. There is also a sticky on the top of this page that has a Mareks article in it. If you do a search on Mareks you should be able to come up with some good info. I will try to find some for you. Regardless it sounds like it will take quite a bit of nursing and recovery time.
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