My Hen coughs and gasps for air HELP!!

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    Jan 24, 2014
    Hello! Recently my eldest hen Blackie who I've had for about 8 years now has developed, what I believe to be a cough. She coughs and sometimes extends out her neck as if she is gasping for air, then she'll be fine for a bit then start again. This goes on all day.

    Her appetitite hasn't changed, her droppings are healthy. She's drinking perfectly fine, she has no disacharge from they eyes or no fowl smell. Just this cough, the only other thing i've noticed is it seems to be slowing her down, so she doesn't get around the yard as quick as she usually does.

    Any help would be greatly appreaciated, thank you.
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    I only have two thoughts,

    1. it is some sort of parasite. Check with your local extension agent or vet and ask what the local parasites for birds are.

    2. If it isn't a parasite then that leaves some sort of disease. You can search on this site for different probiotics and such, and maybe they will give her enough pep to fight the illness on her own. Or, you decide that she is getting to be a bit old for a chicken, and decide when the right time is for her to "go on".

    You must be very attached to her after having her for 8 years, I am very sorry for the stress you must be going through. :hugs

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