my hen has a lump on her head

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  1. Crystal jo

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    Jan 18, 2015
    I came out to the coop one morning and let all my chickens out when I noticed one of my hens just staying in the coop. I knew something was wrong and when I looked closeri noticed this lump on her head. And then I seen a tick on her just below the lump. So I removed it and hoped that the lump was just due to the tick bite. But it's still there,no different 5 days later. And as you can see in the pic her bottom waddles are getting dark. Her behavior is normal. She is free ranging, eating and drinking. Should I be concerned?[​IMG][/IMG]

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    Welcome to BYC. Is it very cold where you live right now with freezing temperatures at night? I would wonder if she has frostbite on her wattles from getting them wet in freezing temperatures. Is the bump you are talking about a swollen ear? If you think the tick caused he swelling, you could try giving her 1/2 a children's benadryl. Other causes of a swollen ear could be an ear infection or a respiratory infection where an antibiotic such as amoxicillin may help.
  3. Crystal jo

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    Jan 18, 2015
    It is cold here and the morning i noticed the issue was very cold. But the other chickens are fine. And I don't know if it's directly on her ear. I will check in the morning. Thank u for your reply!
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    Oh gosh parasites can be a major pain. I've never really gotten ticks (I'll keep it that way too) but a whole lot of mites. Ticks cause anemia in chickens (bone marrow atrophies "wastes away" How did you remove the tick? I remember in Vet Science we discussed there was a certain way you remove a tick because you can leave the head to still drill in still causing problems. It's suggested that you remove it with an even, steady and not with a sudden jerk or twist.

    Do you have any other livestock near your chickens? (Sheep are really known to harbor ticks because you can never tell until you shear them). What sort of environment is your chickens in? You really cannot control your chickens to not get ticks but you can control the environment.
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