My hen has blood in yolks since raccoon attack


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Nov 4, 2010
A raccoon had my hen by the throat about 6 weeks ago. The raccoon let go when we approached but ever since then there has been blood in this hen's egg yolks. Is it safe to eat these eggs? What could be causing the blood? She is 3-1/2 years old and has never had blood in her eggs before. Thanks in advance for your help. P.S. We now have hardware cloth on the coop and steel frames. Raccoon's can no longer enter the coop.
Is the web page for The Poultry Sites page for Blood Spots and the reasons for them. A raccoon attack would certainly qualify as a Fright or Disturbance. It is odd that she would continue to do it six weeks later, would think if it was an injury it would have healed by now. Are the spots always about the same? Is she acting normally otherwise? But maybe it is a combination of things with her, age, strain, light this time of year etc. I would double check her diet to be sure nothing is contributing there. I don't see any reason not to eat the eggs, think it is just aesthetics since they look funny.
Thank you for the link. I read all of it but I don't see anything that would make her continue to lay bloody yolk eggs. She is injured. She pecks sideways. She is a pet hen that we wouldn't consider culling. We have been eating her eggs hard boiled only but wondered if they were safe to eat fried or scrambled. They look pretty gross to people who are use to store bought eggs. So far we haven't gotten sick and this precious girl gives us an egg per day faithfully.
It is odd that it would continue so consistently six weeks later, you'd think an injury would have healed by now. Unless the injury is somehow related to the ovary/oviduct and it can't heal because there is an egg coming through everyday. Which seems pretty far fetched since this would be before the shell forms. It does seem that blood vessels rupturing in the ovary or oviduct is pretty much the only cause so far as I can find. I wonder if when she quits laying because of molting or the winter, it will be gone when she starts up again. The only other thing I would consider doing is maybe adding some vitamin A & K to her diet and see if that helps. Good luck with your girl, and hope she continues to recover.

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