My Hen has gotten MEAN!

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    Apr 26, 2007
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    We only have one standard size chicken, Penny, an EE we got 6 years ago, our very first chicken. Over the years she has lost her friends. So i've been letting her hang out with our ducks around our patio during the day. She has her own coop to sleep in at night. Everything was fine until just lately. She has gotten very mean with the ducks. At first i was just seeing her be a little aggressive if i put treats down, like lettuce or mealworms. Yesterday i saw her chasing one of the ducks. Then our little disabled white crested walked past her, minding her own business, and Penny ran over and pecked her on the the neck. This morning, my husband saw her jump up and fly at another of our ducks with talons out, like a rooster.

    Needless to say she is now enclosed in a pen, luckily i have a spare one now i'm revamping. i'm just wondering what is going on with her, she was always sweet. i've read about hens adopting rooster behaviors in their later years. i wonder if this is what is happening.

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