my hen has lost her mind? has suicide wish?

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  1. jenni2142

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    Jul 16, 2008
    South Carolina
    I have an Ameraucana hen about 1 year old, Sami, she was raised with the 2 austrolorps that she is with now. Over 6 months ago I got them an Americana rooster, Jack, and they all get along wonderfully. Sami has never been top hen but has always been Jack's fave. Fin has always been top hen. A few months ago I got 2 new Ameraucana hens to give Sami's back a break. I have been letting them spend days together but not nights(their choice) for the past 2 weeks. When I first tried to integrate Jack attacked the new girls and did not want them so I put a fence up to divide the run like I divided the coop. Sami I guess got impatient and broke into the new girls separate area and things were peaceful between them and her so I mixed them. The new girls are completely submissive. Jack accepts them now but they run from mating, I think they fear another attack. Sami has started trying to mount them now, which bring down the wrath of Jack on poor Sami and when he mates one of the Austrolorps, Sami grabs their head during which can bring down the wrath of Fin on poor Sami. No one, not even Jack, messes with Big Fin. Does anyone have any idea what is up with Sami? At first it honestly looked like she was trying to show Jack what to do with the new girls, now I don't know. Jack does want to mate with them but seems to respect them refusing, he is a wonderful roo.
    Sorry such a long post.
  2. satay

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    She is trying to be domineering of the new chickens. Her way of trying to become the top dog.
  3. jenni2142

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    Jul 16, 2008
    South Carolina
    It just seems so odd for this hen. She has always been a loner, never caring about the others. It just seems out of character for her to suddenly want to be not only a part of the group but at the top, not to mention she waited until after top hen got over broodiness and re-established herself as boss. She did use to have 2 other ameraucanas with her but they were killed last summer and she has been a loner ever since, even then she was only number 2 in the order and after the loss of the others she withdrew from the group, letting the 3 'lorps have their own order.
    As you can see I worry, probably too much, about my babies.
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    It sounds similar to what my dog does. She is the bottom of the pack, but when another dog comes to visit she is the one who will bark and growl at it. It is because she wants the new comers to be underneath her, not cede her place to yet more dominant ones.

    Sounds like your chook is doing the same thing. If she can make these two new ones beneath her then she is not the bottom of the pecking order anymore.
  5. Cetawin

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    Mar 20, 2008
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    You said it yourself...she has always been bottom girl on the totem pole and now there are two NEW ones and therefore...they belong on the bottom. To insure she maintains her higher up standing she is making sure the ones above her know it too.

    They will settle down and into their respective places. Unless blood is drawn, let them work it out.
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    I had a hen that would do the same behavior with the pullets. After a few shots of water with the hose she finally gave up. I had a hose out by their yard and If I saw her jump on a pullet I would spray her with a strong stream of water. It would catch her by surprise as she was so intent on beating up the pullet.

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