My hen has no wing and she is still ALIVE!!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by meraucanamomma, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. meraucanamomma

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    Jan 8, 2009
    Forsyth, GA
    A predator ate my hens wing. The entire wing is gone and the bone is sticking out. She isn't bleeding. She is still ALIVE. I don't know what to do. Can I do something to fix it or should I.... I can't even say the words. I am sick to my stomach. Any advice??
  2. SpottedCrow

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    I'd clean it, then try and wrap it to keep it clean...Chilling in Muscadine had this happen with her baby...
  3. thebritt

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    Mar 5, 2009
    Humboldt County
    I wouldn't wrap it - that can seal in infection. I would clean well with Betadine diluted to an amber color (too strong actually kills living tissue), and cover with a thin layer of antibiotic ointment. Rescue Remedy (1drop) can't hurt. Keep her warm - a heating pad (she is inside?) under 1/2 her space is a good thing. Aquiring a 12cc sryinge (NO needle) makes flushing the open wounds really easy. I'd do this twice/day. If she hasn't succummed to shock by now, she should be find. Just keep her warm and clean! Good luck.
  4. I'm sure you dont want to hear it, but its best to put her down.
  5. meraucanamomma

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    Jan 8, 2009
    Forsyth, GA
    Thanks for your input. She seems to be doing okay. I am so attached to her. I think I should put her down too. I will watch her today. If she doesn't eat or drink. I guess I will have too. Thanks again [email protected]!!
  6. Jenski

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    Jun 17, 2008
    Middle Tennessee
    Oh geez, I am so sorry about your hen. Sounds like you are making decisions on what to do with her. . .

    Have you found out where the predator got in, and what it was, so you can take precautions against it?

    Best of luck! Please keep us posted on how things work out.
  7. horsejody

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    Feb 11, 2008
    Waterloo, Nebraska
    If the bone is sticking out, you may have to have the bone amputated. I would call a vet since that could be a painful undertaking with no anesthesia.
  8. Same thing with an old hen I had. I put antibiotc lotion on it. She was in shock and I fed her with an eye dropper for 2 weeks. After that time, she was able to eat on her own. Another week and I penned her alone on dirt so she could scratch and gain strength. I put a low roost in so she could just hop up. She fully recovered, layed eggs, hatched many more chicks, and lived til a coon stole her head. Yours should be fine.

    Oh yeah, since jody added that, I thought I better say my hens bone was also sticking out. Didn`t seem to cause any problems. She mated and lived a normal life.
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  9. crait

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    Jul 9, 2008
    Dallas, Texas
    Can you get some [​IMG]?
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  10. warmfuzzies

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    Feb 15, 2009
    Boondocks, Colorado
    You probably dont want to hear this, but I had a chicken attacked by my dog, and she only had a open spot in her back. i cleaned it and put her in the house for awhile, but when I took her back outside she got maggots in it. We killed her, it was awful. Just something to watch for. [​IMG]

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