My hen has Vent Gleet!! -Treatments??

Thank you for the info... I was just getting ready to take my cochin hen to the vet....... Starting the molasses now........
I did the molasses and then went on vacation. I got hack and my hen is the same. She is loosing wait fast I don't think she is eating what should I give her. Help please!!!
Ok My hen has the pasty. I gave her a nice warm bath which oddly she seemed to like it alot. Of course being my favorite and knowing I am a little nervous on giving birds baths, she dunks her head under the water for God know why. maybe she was a duck in a past life. So all the paste if off her butt, I am getting ready to go get her some yogurt. I'm getting plain and apple. You know if your sick you should have a snack to make you happy. But she looks so thin and well i see where they get the term foul mouth. She had some very choice words for me. I just want to know what can I do to make her better. it's to cold to place her just out side, she sitting in my kitchen right now. But when the wife gets home I might have to move her to teh green house. What can i do to keep her warm and happy?

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