My hen has white poop stuck to her vent

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    Dec 1, 2010
    Last night I noticed by hen was a bit slow and had white poop stuck to her vent. I did some searches on this forum and thought the best thing to do would be to soak her and clean it off, which I did. She then laid an egg without a shell and seems to get some of her energy back. She laid a normal but small egg yesterday morning. This morning she had white poop which smells really bad stuck to her again, so I gave her another clean. She seems to be acting relatively normal but with a bit less energy. I'm not sure if I need to be doing something else or not?? I have rang some vets in our area but can only find one that deals with chickens and she is away until tomorrow. Something else I thought I trying was giving her yoghurt? The hen is about 8 months old and has been laying most days for the last 2 or so months. She is what we call in New Zealand a brown Shaver which I think is known as a sex-link chicken in the USA. She is quite a big hen and seems to be in good condition. We have one other hen that seems to be okay. Any suggestions of what I can do for her would be appreciated.
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    Hi Lisa,

    When one of my hens has a spell of diarrhea, I usually clip the dried on poop off when I first see it. Not alot, just what I need to clean it off. I find that it seems to help, and any future watery droppings "miss" the feathers. As to the cause... mine occasionally get the runs, and I have no idea why. They may eat something that doesn't agree with them, be a little under the weather. Yes, yogurt is good to try, as is molasses, and giving a little vitamins/electrolytes in the water. Good luck!

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