My hen hates me

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    Jul 30, 2008
    We have two hens...a red comet with a ton of feather loss from an overly amorous roo, and a silkie/ameracauna mix. The hen with lots of feather loss was in bad shape...but she is very sweet. Lets me hold her, takes treats from my hand and has an exceptional personality...she is also the "boss" hen and hasn't laid a single egg (We've had her for almost 2 weeks)

    The other hen..."Mildred" is just...nasty. Her feathers are in great shape, she appears very healthy, has been laying every other day reliably, but she is horrible. She won't accept treats, she doesn't even like to see us....she hides in the nesting box or turns her back when we go in the coop, the few times that we've had to move her, she acts aggressively and makes the most heinous noises...

    What can I do? I bring treats every day. I offer them boiled egg, scratch grains, oatmeal, fresh fruit...and she hates me. Moving her is a serious problem when we're trying to be discreet to appease neighbors.

    Is there anything more that I can do to win her over or is she going to remain fearful?
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    If you didn't raise her since Day 1, she may still be reeling from a prior bad experience. How long have you had her?
    Your kindness will not be lost on her. Even if she never comes around completely, she'll appreciate it as you're giving her good experiences that will help fade any bad ones she had before she was with you. Thank you for that [​IMG]
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    I can tell you that all 6 of ours do the same thing. I don't think she hates you, I think she doesn't know you yet. She is probably a little skittish from a new mama. We have had our 6 for 11 days and night before last was the first time I could pet one with her back to me without her running away. And she was the only one that didn't back away from me. So I would say it takes some time.
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    They do each have their own personalities. Some traits don't fit very well with our wishes, no question about it. "Coming around" takes time.

    I have an Australorp pullet. She was the one always wanting to get close to me from the get-go. Still, she does NOT like to be picked up. Her every step should be under her own volition or she'll raise a squawk!

    One Barred Rock pullet almost seems to "want" to be picked up so that she can go outside the henyard. Another BR has been moving steadily towards this "take me out, Daddy" personality. She must be realizing that she is likely to be invited outside to free range if she isn't flighty.

    One Australorp doesn't seem to like me. She was afraid of me until recently. Now, she seems to resent the fact that she can't go out with the other 3. She's taken to biting me whenever she gets the chance.

    There are 10 pullets in all and their number must be reduced soon as they are nearly full-grown. I only want to keep 4. The #4 bird may be the cranky one because she is a big, healthy bird. I doubt if I'll ever make her a pet like the BR's, or that she'll be my shadow like the little Aussie. Still, as she comes to realize that I intend her no harm and am a source of goodies and good experiences I expect her to "come around" and fit into the backyard flock and my lifestyle. I can't remember ever having an adult hen that didn't.

    Now, I just need to decide what to do with these other 6 . . .


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