My hen HATES my Cayuga drake!


11 Years
Jun 6, 2008
I've got an Australorp hen that really has it out for my young cayuga drake.

If she even lays eyes on him she will run over and attack the snot out of him. He doesn't really fight back, just tries to run away. His poor head has been pecked enough to draw blood on one occasion!

So, the last time it happened I caught the hen to give her a time out and realized that hmmmm......she's never been in with a rooster. So, I chucked her in there with Big Ben. Now, he's a nice roo, but he simply won't take no for an answer and he'll force his girls to submit by whatever tactics necessary.

Well, they ran around and around that little coop for the last two days and this morning she wasn't cussing at me so I think they are finally getting along. Big Ben's girlfriend, Smuckers is in there too and she seems to be tolerating this fiasco.

I hope this brings the australorp down a peg or two. She's such a bully!!!

As of this weekend, the ducks will have their own pen with a new little pond and won't have to worry about that mean old chicken anyway.

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