My hen is crying


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12 Years
Dec 3, 2007
Hi, My hen keeps making a noise like a baby crying.She does this non-stop and I am worried.I have 4 hens and 1 roo and they are all about 6 months old.Can anyone tell me if I need to worry?
Maybe- is she otherwise normal?

I'd check the crop and vent as a precaution.

I have two that do a little honking thing, and always have, but they are otherwise normal...and it isn't nonstop...and 1 roo for only a few hens may be terrifying she the most submissive?
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Yeah, she is the most timid anyway.I thought that silkies wouldn't lay in the winter/cold weather,as it is here in western NY?Anyway,she seems to have settled down.The roo doesn't seem to fertilizing the girls yet.

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