My hen is dying

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  1. stephaniehc

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    Aug 31, 2016
    Yesterday morning I went to feed the chickens. However, I noticed that the hens and even the roosters were walking over her and she wasn't standing up and they kept pecking at her. She didn't do anything and just let them do that to her. This morning I went back again to feed them and I found her lying on the ground breathing slowly and had blood on her face and legs. Her legs does look a bit pale compared to the others. She doesn't want to eat either. I'm from North Carolina and it has been hot lately. I change their water everyday because they always walking on it and in the end of the day it's dirty. Is she dying or sick?
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    Apr 21, 2016
    I am new to chickens, however, I do know that the heat can take quiet a toll. I put ice cubes and a frozen water bottle in their water every day and in addition I have a shallow tray that I put bricks and ice in. They can stand in it to keep cool. I lost one to the heat. Just found her dead in the coop. I live in Kansas and we had temperatures in the 100's for a couple of weeks and the ice really helped them. Also would freeze veggies in water for them to eat on, that way they get lots of water and stay busy!! Hope this helps and hope your hen makes it through.
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    Apr 24, 2016
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    I would remove her immediately from the flock and isolate her to a small pen, inside if the heat is real high in your area. the other chickens in your flock are sensing a weak hen and will kill her off if left in the coop. Once isolated push some electrolytes and soft foods and treat the wounds. Watch over her during recovering . I had to do this with my Polish Hen early this summer took two days for her to bounce back.
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    The blood on her face and legs could be from the other chickens pecking her. Was the leg blood on the surface of her legs or underneath?

    Yes, it's been hot here in NC but not enough to make a grown hen lethargic. It's likely something else.

    Have you looked her over? How's her crop? Full? Anything coming out of her vent like broken egg or shells? Any maggots? How are her poops?

    Any lice or mites?
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    Aug 31, 2016
    North Carolina
    I live in NC too. It's been very hot where I live. Many days over 100 degrees at my house. Most days between 103-105 degrees. My chickens keep plenty of fresh cool water with ice and fans on them and they still pant. It's just been a hot summer. Sorry about your hen. I've lost some too. Most of mine died young though. I'd definitely remove her from the flock. Hard to say what's wrong. Keep an eye on the rest of them and watch them close.

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