My hen is in PAIN!

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    My Hen is in pain her beck is shuddering at times, as if she is in pain her wings are droppy. I checked her plevic to see if she was egg bound and didn't feel anything hard in there. What else can I do. Am going to set her in a cage by herself to keep an eye on her and give her some pain meds am also going to put her on a heating pad.
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    does she have a fever? are the bottoms of her feet hot? is she dehydrated? does she need water given directly from a stopper?
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    Keep us informed. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    NO pain meds - unless avian specific pain meds by a vet. human or any mammal based pain meds can potentially kill chickens and any bird. even neosporin with pain reliever can't be used on chickens.

    be more specific - how long has this behavior been going on? how old is the chicken? Poop - normal, runny, watery, foul, tarry, etc ...

    respitory signs? (eyes, nose, breathing )

    Physically check her over - feel all over her. look for wounds of any kind.

    the signs shes showing aren't typically what you'd see in a bird for pain - birds do not typically show pain - they hide it very well - had one with a missing toe walk around with the slightest limp right after losing the toe. Had a rooster who got a freak puncture in his chest (never figured otu where he got it) go 3-4 days before I figured out he had a injury (only because I happened to feel it) - they are 'food' animals - and as such tend to keep pain or injury or illness secret and hard to tell.

    Your hen sounds more like typical stress or even shock symptoms. - first thought would be trauma/injury. second thought is egg bound or internal layer - if she laid a soft shell internally or any egg and it broke - your not going to feel a solid hard egg.

    you need to figure out what is causing her to act like this. only real treatment you can give without knowing specific cause is adding vitamins/electrolytes to water and if you want give a dose an antibiotics.
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