My hen is lonely :( her friend died. What do I do?

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    Jun 16, 2011
    So, about 4 months ago we went to the fair. We came home with an adult hen of some sort that is orange and speckled, and will stay tiny, and two baby Silkies- one black, and one white. The Black one made it 2 weeks, then passed. The White Silkie was now the size of the hen, and they got along great. They were too little to let roam around the yard with the other chickens, so we kept them in their own little cage on the porch at night, and during the day let them roam in one of those big black rabbit cages. You know, the ones that are meant for indoors. Of course, the hen is a FLYER, so we kept a net over the cage.
    I woke up two days ago to my mom saying that somehow the two had gotten out their sleep cage. She said my brother found the Silkie dead, and the hen was nowhere to be found. ** We have a big yard with TONS of hiding places. We're in the city, and right next to the interstate with only some trees separating us between the cars. Also, our other chickens are 3x the size of her, and mean to newbies**
    It had been about to rain that day, and my brother had to blow the leaves before they sat. So, there. Now she was EVEN MORE scared.
    I looked around the yard while it rained, and gave up an hour later.
    I cried over the Silkie ( It had a GREAT personality ), and went to bed.
    The next day we'd just assumed the other chickens had killed her, or she'd gotten out.
    I woke the next day, and my mom said she'd found her- alive. Of course, I immediately went out to see her. She was in her night time cage, and she looked fine. Not harmed at all. But... she looked so depressed. She KNEW her friend was dead. I mean, I never knew chickens had the capability to express or even feel things like that... She wasn't screeching and hopping around for me to hold her like she usually is. Just looked over at me with amazingly sad eyes...
    We buried the Silkie. RIP.
    I just don't know what to do. She literally is depressed, but I fear she may harm another chicken I put in with her, vice versa. I will for sure hold her more... but I feel so sorry for her. :'(

    We aren't sure how they got out... It's not possible they could have lifted the top of the cage door, but dontcha think that raccoons would've snatched a chicken that was roaming around the yard, verses passing them to get some that where caged in? Even then, it wouldn't have left the Silkie's body, let alone in one piece.
    Anyways... anyone been through this? What do I do?
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    Aug 28, 2011
    Yes ive been there.. My silkie cross lost her best friend and the other chickens didnt want to know her, on a night when all the flock had gone to bed she would still be outside [​IMG] i brought her inside in her own cage and went out to buy another chicken from the same lady i got her from.. I had the new one in a seprate cage for a while just incase she had anything wrong with her. I then intraduced them both, there now joined at the hip and both go to bed with the other chickens... Good luck hun..Tracy.xx
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