My hen laid 3 eggs in a day


Aug 22, 2019
I have a NN who is 16 weeks today and laid 3 eggs within 1/2 hour I was able to witness this so I know it was not any other hen. For the past 4 days she has been very loud and talkative going from coop to coop, this afternoon I went out to give snacks she was no where in sight and she is the 1st to normally come running, I went to her coop and she was extremely talkative but wouldn’t come out, finally she came out I looked and 1 egg she went back in came out 2 eggs and then again same thing and now we have 3 This can not be normal.


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Hi, Lisa. And Welcome to this fun forum. Are your other girls laying yet? Just wondering if your NN could have been stealing eggs from other chickens. I have heard of it happening but didn't know how they did it. Apparently they roll them. Now if they could tuck eggs under their wings and walk to their nest, you might have an explanation!
No one else is laying but I was there when she did the 1st I removed it and she yelled at me but didn’t come out I went about tending to all the other animals went back to her and she has 2 others all within a 1/2 hour. All my others are buffs and should have white eggs hers were all brown and all pretty much the same size


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