My hen moved out of her coop and ditched her friends

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  1. I have two coops and the 2 flocks of chickens free range together but never mix.
    One of the groups(all black sex links and one EE) use to bully the younger ones and chase them away from the treats etc.
    Well yesterday I go out to lock up the coops and I notice one of bossy group hens(the EE) who is 28 weeks old) laying in a nest box in the other chickens' coop.
    So I wait to lock up thinking that maybe she is going to lay an egg (she never had but the rest of them her age have and some of them like to lay their eggs in the other chicken's coop)) I go back out and check to see if she returned to her coop yet and she is still sitting there.
    Finally after two hours and the rain coming down I decide to just lock her in that coop instead of forcing her out.
    She came out this morning to free range and acted fine about everything. Got along with everyone and I suspect she laid an egg today due to the different color.
    Now tonight when it started to get dark she went right into the same coop she slept in last night and jumped up on the roost.
    Why would she switch flocks and coops like that?
    She is the only one that is different in her coop but she was raised with them, hatched out with them.
    The other group came a month later and they were never accepted by the original girls.
    Just curious as to why a hen would do this.
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    Jan 20, 2007
    Gotta Love those pretty hens!

    Looks and sounds like she is much happier in the other coop with the other flock. The reasons could be many and vary, however since everyone is getting along fine I would think you made the correct decision to just let her be happy. Way to go! [​IMG]

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    Jul 26, 2008
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    Ireally he no Idea, I think that the grass look greener on the otherside of the fence.[​IMG]

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