My hen ran away / got lost :(


9 Years
Jun 23, 2011
Last night (Thursday, May 31, 2012) my hens got out of their coop. I found three of them, but I couldn't find my last one. Which is/was my favorite. She didn't come back to roost and didn't show back up this morning. I'm afraid a hawk or raccoon got her. We have a ton of woods she could hide in with plenty of torns and such. We have a pipe line where the torns grow so thick you can't even always get through. I wish I knew if she was still out there... I've called the food call "Here chick, chick chick!" but she must not have heard it. I keep praying, but God must know what he is doing. Will you all keep me and Darlene, my lost hen, in your prayers? My chickens are meant as pets and are very close to me.


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7 Years
Mar 23, 2012
Plymouth, England
Any news of your lovely girl? We are sure we misnamed Daisy - we think Houdini would be a better one for her, so we know how it feels. Thankfully, so far we have always managed to recapture the wayward little madam, but not until I have gone through the blackberry 'plantation', around to next door, discovered broken glass (Daisy was fine, it's me that wasn't), watched her decide to fly back to her sisters and land, conveniently, on the top of the netting. From there, I could lift her up, amid very loud complaints, give her a cuddle and smiling put her back in with Henrietta and Clementine. They were looking on somewhat bemused, but were glad to have her back. I hope you have had good news and your little girl is safely home.


8 Years
Aug 1, 2011
The Coop :)
I really hope she comes home! However if you have a rooster, perhaps she is trying to be a momma somewhere? Let us know what happens!

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