My hen sat on the wrong eggs!

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    I've got a hen that went broody last week. I felt bad stealing eggs from her every night, so on Friday, I went and got her a half dozen fertile eggs to hatch out. She took right to them, and got to work. Sunday morning, I went out to check on her before leaving for church at about 9:15, and she was on the eggs, and the other 2 nesting boxes were empty. We went to church, then to my mom's for Easter dinner, and came home around 8:00. At some point during the day, she must have gone out to eat, and came back and sat in one of the other nesting boxes on the wrong eggs! It was about 55° outside, and the fertile eggs felt cool. I immediately shooed her off of the eggs, and got her settled back in on the fertile eggs. I have no idea how long they went uncovered, but it was no longer than 11 hours. There were 4 un-fertilized eggs under her, so there was enough time for 4 other hens to lay before she switched. Are the eggs bad, or should I let her keep sitting on them? I'm planning to switch her to her own private suite as soon as I have time to put one together.

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    I would let her continuing sitting, you never know. Broodies in the wild would have to get off the nest to eat and drink, so hopefully the eggs can withstand the cooling.

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