my hen stopped laying 2 months ago...?


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Sep 30, 2008
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So my buff orpington hen is almost a year old. She was laying one egg a day very regularly, until a couple months ago. At that time, I introduced two new young hens (plymouth rock and welsummer) into her coop. They weren't ready to eat layer feed yet so I had them all on the chick feed. About a week later, my grown hen stopped laying. A few weeks after that I switched them all to the layer feed. The older hen still hasn't started laying again. It's been at least a month since they've been on the layer feed.
Is this normal?
She also has been fighting with the plymouth rock quite a bit. Could the stress of that affect her laying?

Any advice would be much appreciated! I am started to worry about her!
sounds like stress? Also is she moulting?? Mine are moulting and completely stopped laying for the past few weeks and they are not stressing or fighting at all
Maybe she is moulting. She has been losing some feathers, but I thought it was from the fighting...
How long does moulting usually last?
let me tell you it feels like forever! I have a slikie thats been in moult for 2 months-a true ameracauns-moulting 3 weeks and now others are starting! I dont know??? Can you pick her up and see if you have new pin feathers popping up all over? if you do shes moulting

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