My Hen's abdomen is really swollen?


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Sep 11, 2013
Hi Everyone
I'm only 13 and I really love each and every one of my chickens.
But lately I've noticed that one of my chickens, one of two
who we saved from the battery, has a really and bare swollen
abdomen. The other battery chicken has no problems so
we don't think its a result of the battery. We have owned both of
them for about 6 months and a few of our past chickens have had
the same problem, but sadly they passed away.
Does anyone know what it could be?! I really want to help her.
She's come from a life of misery and I want her to live the good part
as long as possible. Also her battery friend would be very lonely without
her because our non-battery chickens like to bully them so she
can't hang out with them :(
Thank you!

(the picture is not of my chicken but this is basically what it looks like)
Hi there,

Sadly battery hens' bodies have been put under a lot of stress, they're made to churn out eggs upon eggs for the first 18 months of their lives and this can sometimes lead to laying problems as they get older.

It looks to me like peritonitis or ascites, a vet is your best option, if it is peritonitis sadly not much can be done once it gets to that stage (if I remember right), if it is ascites the abdomen can be drained but usually it will be a reoccurring problem.

Best make an appointment and get her checked out by an avian vet and they will let you know what they think is the best option for your hen :)

Best of luck! x

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