my hens? dont let my rooster mate with them


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Aug 28, 2011
i have one rooster and three hens. one of the hens already lay eggs but the other two dont and they are like 5 months old. i am not sure if the are roosters but i am pretty sure they are not because they havent crowed yet. anyways my rooster always try to step on them and they just run around the pen like crazy even the egg laying one. is there a reason why they are doing this is there a way i can fix this problem.
p.s the egg laying hen i got is older then the other two and much smaller the rooster and the other hen. and the non laying hens are for sure rhode island reds. but the egg laying one is not a really dark red she has tan feathers and has white underneath them. also she has a really big crown. is she a different breed from my others is that maybe a reason why.) help me im new to this


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Sep 20, 2009
Pride, La.
First off

The one that is already laying I'm not sure why she won't let him. But the ones that aren't laying they will not allow the roo to mate and will act like he's killing them till they are mature enough.


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May 26, 2009
Portland, tennessee
Can you post pics of your chickena so we can Identify the breeds? And from what you discribed, sounds like he is trying to mount by "stepping" on them. Youll see that roosters arnt gentlemen and ask for a mount.. they TAKE it. Lol! Mine try to distract the hens so he can pounce.
. And the hens not laying could be alot of things, some breeds mature slowly, some fast, then theres the heat factor, which is keeping them from laying. Hope you get the answers your looking for.


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Dec 30, 2012
I have a hen that's 2 yrs old and a young roo about 1 yr old. He has no problem with the other hens but the one that he tries to mate with she turns around and fights him she is not laying.

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