My Hens Have Performance Anxiety...

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  1. So.. I put up our farm sign a couple of weeks ago. Last week of August. We were getting about 5 eggs per day at that point without fail.
    I kid you not, from the day I put the sign up under our farm sign that reads "Fresh Eggs $3.00" we have only been getting one egg per day and some days there isn't even that.
    My husband swears they have performance anxiety from the sign [​IMG] I thought it might have been from all the crazy weather we've been having lately, really hot days, really chilly days, and lots of rain, scattered all over the place, or that it's starting to get darker earlier so maybe they aren't getting enough light...

    Hubs thinks I need to take down the signs, my 8 year old told me that he heard the chickens talking and that they are only laying one egg per day to keep us happy so they don't end up in the meat bird pen and that every day a different hen gets a turn laying the one egg [​IMG]
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    Please keep in mind that the flock needs 14 hours of daylight for optimum laying. The days are alot shorter now, and my flock is in a hard molt....resulting in no eggs.

    I think you just gotta love those pretty hens! [​IMG]


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