My Hens Have Worms And I'm Confused. Please Help Me

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    My chickens have little white things in their poo. I am guessing they are worms. I believe they are worms because I have seen them move. They are the size of a 1/4 piece of rice.
    The laying production is way down, & some of the hens are sneezing and coughing. I don't find the white things in every poo, but I do go out to the pen four to five times a day to clean it up. I don't know how the worms work so I figure if my chickens have worms, I don't want the worms hanging around in the pen.

    I have read some new and old postings and I am so confused it's not funny. Some say to use Valbazen now and others say to use Wazine first then come back 14 days later with the more powerful stuff.

    Evidently, some say, if my birds are infected in which I can see, I or rather my chickens have a bad infestation of worms and if I use a powerful wormer it could possibly cause a blockage which would give me more problems and the chickens too.

    Could someone PLEASE advise me on what to do so I don't go crazy or do more harm to my babies.

    I have; 1 Americauna (4yrs), 1 Batam (4 yrs), 4 Am. Game (3- 4yrs and 1-1yr), 2 Australorps (1yr), 1 Sexlink (1yr), 1 Barred Rock (1yr), 2 cochin (7months)
    and 1 Buff Orpington (7 months).

    Oh, the 7 month olds don't seem to have any problems as they are fenced separately from the others even though they are in the same pen.

    Thank you very much for your help and concern.

  2. KrisH

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    probably tapeworms, look up ivromec ivromectin. from what I have read the pour on is not FDA approved (in the US) but is used in other countries. a couple of drops under the feathers on the skin on their back should work from what I have read.

  3. welasharon

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    Jun 28, 2010
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    Her you go....I copied and pasted this from a post Dawg53 made to sums it up perfectly

    Hi Joe. Since you're worming for the 1st time, use the wazine first. The wazine gets rid of large roundworms only. If you used a different wormer like valbazen first, it would kill all types of worms and the buildup could cause a blockage of dead worms and become toxic and kill your chickens. Roundworms are the most common worm in chickens and once they are expelled by the wazine, it'll leave room for other types of worms including roundworm larva to be expelled with no toxicity. When using the wazine dont forget to toss the eggs in the garbage. Wormers are poisons and you dont want to eat the eggs nor give the eggs back to your chickens, you would be extending the withdrawal period if you did. The same is true for valbazen and the other wormers I told you about. So, you are looking at another 2 weeks of tossing eggs in the garbage after using valbazen. I recommend writing it on a calender which day you wormed then count out the days to when the eggs will be safe to eat....that's what I do,easier for me to keep track lol. Valbazen can be ordered online or you can call them at jeffers livestock. You can see their website online,it's a cattle and sheep wormer and comes in 500ml liquid in a bottle. I think it's about $35 a bottle. I dont know if TSC carries it. Ten days after the wazine, give the valbazen orally. Dosage is one half cc/ml for standard size chickens, one quarter cc/ml for smaller chickens including silkies. You can use a syringe to squirt it down their throats individually or you can inject it into a small piece of bread and give each chicken a piece of bread....they gobble it up. I recommend that after a couple of days of using both wormers....give your chickens plain yogurt or buttermilk(probiotics), canned beef catfood (extra protein), all mixed in their feed and give it to them to build up their immune systems, do this about 3 days in a row.
  4. Jakenhoss

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    That pretty much sums up the whole thing on which to give first and why. I will purchase both products in the morning for speedy delivery and get started on it straight away.
    However I do have 1 question. I'm sorry but I give the Wazine first then in two weeks give Valbazen? Am I reading that right.
    (Sorry but I have a few problems right now understanding some things. Hopefully it will straighten out shortly)

  5. welasharon

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    Jun 28, 2010
    North Florida
    wazine and then in 10 days the valbazen
  6. Jakenhoss

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    Quote:Thank you so much for your help. My chickens thank you too.
  7. Americana

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    Mar 19, 2010
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    I just use Ivomec pour on(Cattle Drench from TSC), and have never had any problems.

    You just use 3 drops for Bantams and 6 drops for Large fowl.
    It also kills exernal parasites.

    You have to administer the drops at the cape of the neck, on the skin , just pull back the feathers and avoid the feather shafts, touching only skin- it comes with a nice curved syringe and the bottle will last you and your other chicken friends for a loooooong time [​IMG]

  8. BamaSilkies

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    Nov 28, 2011
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    I think you have tapeworms and I would use the wazine(to get rid of any adult roundworms) and the Valbazen on the second dose. Roundworms look like angel hair pasta and tapeworms look like rice she might even have some around the vent area stuck that look like dry rice.
  9. Chicken_Pauper

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    Keep an eye on the poop.. Tapeworms can be harder to get rid of and take more repeated treatments with Valbazen... since you see Tapeworm segments in the poop, yours have tapeworms for sure. Wazine does not treat tapeworms at all.... (per dawg53 as well)... So, be prepared to give the Wazine if you want to... then, the Valbazen ten days later.. then the Valbazen again ten days later.. and then watch the poop..
    Tapeworms can be VERY difficult... so, just watch the poop... if you are still seeing "tapeworm segments" then you will need to retreat -- with a wormer that kills all types of worms, tapeworms, like Valbazen.

    Do a search of your own.. search here for "Tapeworms"... and "worming with Valbazen" and look for those posts, more recent posts (in more recent years) by dawg53... dawg53 gives the best info on treating several things, including worming... just look to the more recent posts on worming for tapeworms for the most up-to-date info.... we all learn as we experience.

    Best of luck. -- Oh, and it took me four treatments with Valbazen and then one with Zimectrin Gold to get rid of the tapeworms mine had recently.... (per advice throughout from daw53.... it was long and frustrating and boy, did I miss having eggs to eat... and hated throwing away all those beautiful eggs each week!) And, mine won't eat it on bread.. I have to put it in the back of their throat (avoiding the windpipe/airway).... mine hate the taste of any wormer so far, even on bread or their favorite shrimp!

    Take care...

  10. Jakenhoss

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    Quote:Thank you very much for the info. I think I need to do Wazine first because of the infestation, then I will follow up with Valbazen as many times as needed. Right now there still molting and not laying so much beause of that and the worms so I would rather nip this in the butt now before spring arrives and the laying goes crazy. I would definitely hate to loose the eggs in spring. out of 10 hens I am getting about 2-4 eggs daily instead of 10-11 daily.

    I give my chickens a lot of different snacks so... I am hoping I can trick them. [​IMG]

    Thanks again, you have been very informational. [​IMG]

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