My hens stopped laying during hurricane Irene. Why?


12 Years
Jun 4, 2009
Dutchess County NY
6 of my 7 laying hens didn't give us any eggs for a 24 hour period after hurricane Irene passed through. Would the very low barometric pressure from the storm cause them to not lay for a short period? They are all giving us eggs now but I found it very odd. They were well protected and showed absolutely no signs of stress before, during or after the hurricane. Any one have any insight on this strange occurrence?
stress? even tho they dont show it.....seriously I truly believe animals can sense upset...(no I'm not a weirded person who is a huge animal activist..actually quite the opposite lol..I'd rather not have ANY animals...)..
Survival instinct they save resources during bad time they can feel the electricity in the air and humidity and they prepare by conserving.

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