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    Aug 29, 2014
    I am a nature lover and a fan of birds specially chicks. When my younger son was 3 years old I decided to have hens so that I can give him good quality eggs. We don't have a backyard so I decided to make a cage on the roof. I live in a hot climate, in summer the temperature rises up to 40 degree centigrade and its very humid as I am in front of sea. In shorts I am having hens and rooster since then. A very strange thing is that our hens never went broody. So I decided to hatch the chicks using incubator. I found out that incubator will be too costly. And in summer the weather of our area is perfect for the chicks to hatch. I gathered 31 eggs and put them in a shoe box with a bad sheet underneath. I used a 60 Watt light bulb to maintain a temperature between 99.5-102 degrees. Here normally humidity is 70% in summers. Here is my setup

    I used to turn them few times almost every day. After 20 days I saw that three eggs had started to hatch and chicks were trying to come out. I noticed this in the morning and in the afternoon one of them was out. Here are some of the pics



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    Very nice! Can't wait to hear what happens in the near future and how this goes. Keep us updated on your chicks and their hatching! Always excited to hear of people hatching chicks.

    Rachel. [​IMG]
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    That's great!! [​IMG] Hope you have lots more to come too. Enjoy!!!

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