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    Nov 4, 2014
    So after a solid 26 days of my hen brooding on four eggs, none of them made it. One was alive when I accidentally opened the aircell, but died a couple hours later, unfortunately.

    After that huge loss, I decided to buy a dozen eggs. I knew I was in trouble when I found a box on my doorstep and not a phonecall from the post office. I was optimistic so I put the eggs under my 3 broodies. Today was day 10 and I candled all my eggs. I took two Sumatra eggs from the farm I work at & found out they indeed were fertile and growing strong! ...Not the shipped eggs. Less than 4 are still alive. All the others I cracked open to find no veins or sign of life which means they were either infertile, or because of the shipping they likely got too rattled and detached the aircell. One of the 4 has what appears to be a very obvious bloodring but I'm going to leave it under my hen incase. Another egg has one dark blood 'line' that looks like a dark squiggle, not a blood ring. The others are trying but I'm very doubtful and upset.

    One egg I cracked open did have a baby in it, though:

    Graphic? Image below:

    As you can see the baby has the blood ring around the edges and I wonder why this little guy died. I'm thinking it's the Serama fatality genetics or even the shipping.

    This has been a month of death and I'm completely disappointed. :hit

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    I'm so sorry. [​IMG]

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