My house is sinking?

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  1. Calling all builders, man overboard!!!SOS,
    No its ok, it isnt my house, i rent it!! thank goodness.
    We are selling our other house this month, waiting for contracts to be signed etc, anyway:
    All of a sudden, both external doors to the backyard are jamming at the bottom, warped, cannot shut them properly.
    The landlord next door who lives in the adjoining house, this is a duplex!, said I think someone has been trying to break in, I cant close my back door, so keep an eye out!so hers is warped too.
    Anyhow I noticed there is alot of dampness under the house and my grass is really green adjacent to it too.
    I reckon that her hot water is leaking which would be why we have such a huge water bill.
    Has anyone had a house start to sink with the same symptoms???
    I told her that perhaps it is sinking, she pulled rank and said Oh no not at all!!!
    I havent told her about the damp yet as I havent seen her since seeing it.
    Oh well, let it sink, by then we will have moved!!!
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    You got a moisture problem somewhere... sounds like you are right that there is a water leak somewhere.

    Glad it's not YOUR home, but your landlord needs to get a clue or what may be a minor repair could turn into a big-time major expensive fix.
  3. Yes ill show her the damp under the house tonite when she comes home from work, But i know what she will say, she is always right!!!in her mind but i just shrug it off.
    She also tried to tell me that my ducks wouldnt hatch out eggs as she was sitting for so long, but she didnt know the date when she started to sit , anyhow mumma duck hatched out 14 back then, and I wanted to say "I told you so" but ive grown out of saying that out loud!
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    Hey, at least now you know where your water is going... something broke and we had no sign till we got our water bill... 2x the usual! 88 gallons per hour!!! Fixed it and it's back down to like 33 gallons an hour.
  5. Yes, I showed her this afternoon and i said perhaps that is where my water is going and of course she said No , I knew she would say it!!! I will get some professional advice to see whether a leaking hot water service will affect the water meter!!!Now im mad!
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    Your hot water comes after the meter, so if hot or cold is leaking it will run up your meter reading. :mad:
  7. Thanks Md!!!

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