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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by katharinad, Nov 13, 2010.

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    My husband is still new to ducks. He never had any pets growing up as a child in the the NJ suburbs. I on the other had lived on a farm in Germany as a child, but later lived in Berlin with just a dog. I just restarted having ducks after a long period without poultry. I enjoy rediscovering all the things I know from back then. It is like riding a bike, you never really forget. No matter what it was, incubating, hatching, raising them etc. It is all there. Still you are starting all over. Building shelter, equipment, etc. This year was getting back into business.

    Anyway, yesterday Paul emptied the pool in the late afternoon and called me. He was kind disturbed that he found an egg on the ground without shell. He thought they only lay in the morning in the duck house, because that is what I've told him. I told him it is no big deal and that we can expect another egg the next day. Just a new girl joining the club of egg layers. So 5 out of 8 are now laying. I still thought he was so funny, because he worried that one duck is sick, and insisted that I inspect the egg. [​IMG]
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    That happened to me also. Found an egg in the pool w/o the shell. I was told that it was very normal. It only happened twice.
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    This reminded me of my Mom, who had her first chickens this year. One of them that we got her turned out to be a CornishX so it ate a lot. Well one day she called me freaking out... "The tan chicken has a TUMOR!!! you need to come do something about it!!!" I tried to ask her more questions but she was too upset. Of course we got out there and, like I had suspected, it was her crop, full of food. [​IMG]

    She felt pretty dumb afterwards but the chicken was stuck with the name Tumor from then on.
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    You should have seen my ducks after the first heavy rain. They were stuffing their faces and their crops looked like they are going to hit the ground. Followed by a messy duck house floor. All the mud and water had to go somewhere. [​IMG]

    Another funny part about my husband. First they were "Katharina's ducks". Now he talks to them and they are "our ducks". [​IMG]

    Egg tasting was another funny thing. Two pans, chicken eggs in one and duck eggs in the other. Now he doesn't like chicken eggs anymore. [​IMG]

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