My husband told me I needed to research as we begin....


9 Years
Apr 29, 2013
We are excited about getting chickens. Going to pick up the coop today. I have done a bit of research, but am more the type to
just go for it! My husband not so much. He is not so keen on the work of chickens, but his coldness is a front, underneath is a big hearted guy that will be taking chicken little to bed with him at night.

I want to raise them from chics - because I have 1,3,5 yr old boys who would absolutely love it. I also know I want 1 Brahma Chicken - with the cute hairy feet.

? - What other breeds do you recommend for Central Oregon - cold winters yet good layers?
? If I get 2 now as babies - is it hard to introduce 2 later?
? Any tips on raising them - other than cleaning the diarrhea bottom?

Thank you...for your insight! I know my husband...and I appreciate your time and wisdom.
Greetings from Kansas, coachjanae, and
! Great to have you aboard! Here's a great place to compare breeds! Good luck to you!
My hubby is the same way......against at first and now has spend two weekends building a chicken tractor. I know my Uncle had 13 chickens he got about 6 weeks ago. A hawk got all but two within a days time. Well, he tried to bring 3 baby chicks in and the older chicks pecked the new chicks to death. This was just a couple days ago. I have read that it can be difficult to introduce baby chicks to older chickens. May have to wait until they are fully feathered to introduce new ones. :)
Black jersey giants are good for cold winters and I get an egg a day from each hen. I live in pa and it gets pretty cold here and my girls did great. My rooster got a little frost bite on his comb but other than that no problems this winter.
cochins also have hairy(feathered) feet and come in large fowl, or bantam size. You might want to head for the Learning Center and then Raising Backyard Poultry - you are in good hands here

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