My husbands 16 year old cat is very sick :(


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Apr 11, 2012
Nova Scotia

My husband got Angus when he was 20, he has had the cat ever since. Moved all over, gone through all kinds of things together, and now, Angus is very ill and may need to be put down.

After building my mini coop for my chicks I cam into the house and saw Angus walking funny. He has been yowling out too. His eyes are dilated and his ears are bright red. It seems he has a bowel impaction. His anus is bulged freakishly. I think there might be some internal damage from straining.

We cannot afford the vet bill, and because of his age (15.5 years) and how frail he is, he might not survive treatment anyhow.

My husband is at work right now. Its 9:46 pm here. He will call me at 10 he works the night shift, and he doesnt know that Angus is sick. I ahve to break it to him so he can make a decision. try and save Angus, or put him down.

Ive only known Angus for a year, and in tha ttime he has been a great cat. He is so full of personality. He loves to talk to people and to tell us all about his opinions. He always knows when its feeding time and will come pat us on the arm to let us know. He often sleeps with my husband, nestled in the crook of his arm. He is as much a part of the family as our boys. I dont know how Im going to tell my husband, but I know I have to.


Angus last August

Angus last week.
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Aww. I am so sorry to hear this. It is never easy to make that decision, but at least our beloved pets have the option of going comfortably and not in pain. Could be a u.t.i. And he has a blockage. Can you get him to the vet and have them assess him for you? Will be saying prayers for all of you.
Thank you for your prayers. We are going to get him to the vet in the morning. I just got done speaking with my husband. When he gets off work we will head in as soon as the first office opens. My husband says we will let him go. Hes had a good life of being spoiled loved and cuddled. We will all miss him very very much.
So sorry for the loss of your beloved cat. It is the hardest decision we have to make as pet owners. You did the right thing, it was kind and compassionate. God bless.
Thank you for your sympathies. My husband is still pretty shocked. Angus was like a son to him. In hard times, Angus was often all he had. Its weird now that hes gone. Im no used to him talking to me in the mornings. He would stand by his bowl and talk, very loudly for his dinner lol. If he wanted treats he would shake his tail and try to lead you to the cupboard. If he wanted attention, he would jump up and rub all over our face and if he could not reach our face he would tap us and mew until we paid attention to him. He was a sweetheart and adorable. Its a once in a lifetime chance that a cat like Angus can be found.

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