my Incubater died :(


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May 23, 2011
So on day 20 I wake up to find the heat is out in the incubater and the temp was down to 80! Of course im devestated but my wonderful man grabed a box with a hot wet towel and the heat lamp. But Im thinking is this really going to work?
you never know some people have hatched eggs on the kitchen side with a lamp over the top and chicks at day 20 are able to make there own heat to a degree

i wouldnt give up you only have a day to go
if your not sure there still ok give one a quick candle many people will tell you not to
as you could disturb the baby but there are farmers here that incubate there eggs and candle every day till they pip and have great hatches
You are too close to give up hope!
ing for you!! Let us know how it goes!
Those 250 watters can get pretty hot and may be enough to save some of your hatch.

Heck some incu's just use a regular light bulb.

Hope all goes well. Keep us posted.

thanks I am hopeful. Ive tried to find the right distance for the light so the temp will even out. This is my second batch I was trying out. My first batch didnt turn out so bad so im told. I had 16 eggs the first time and 10 hatched. Out of the 6 that didnt make it only one was not fertilized and the other 5 just didnt go. And i was worried because we were without power for a half of day. Now this one was doing great until now. So i wait to see. I guess ill be buying a new incubater for next year since it seems a lil late to try again this year. I have 7 layers from last year and 9 out of the 10 that hatched made it. The one lil runt didnt make it. Im pretty sure he had pasty butt. I am not a farm girl and this is all still very new to me.
still have some hope. I wasnt able to get to fleet until later but we have a new incubater and going to see if we can get the temp to even out and try to see if any eggs made it.

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