My incubatore hit 40 celcius today :(


7 Years
Apr 19, 2012
Tacoma Washington
For those that don't know it's 104 f I don't know how long it was at that temp. I check my incubator only 4 times a day otherwise i'm to tempted to play with the eggs. I check it 3 times and turn the eggs, and an extra time during the heat of the day to turn on a fan in that room and check temp.
Will this hurt my hatch? I checked a few eggs. One had very obvious movement and we're only on day 8. I'm excited about this hatch. It's silkies and cochin mix's sorry if i spelled those wrong. But the rooster was a silkie, and then there are a mix of the two breeds of hens (and some half and half). These are all tiny eggs very easy to see into because their small size.

Please someone tell me everything is going to be okay. Egg temp and incubator temp aren't the same thing right? I know over all i need to keep it the right temp. The curtain got moved opening it so the sun was on the incubator. I think my husband was looking at the eggs and must have opened the curtain. :( He got an ear full about the incubator being to hot.
40 isn't too hot, though it's a bit on the high side. If I remember correctly the highest you can incubate at is 39. Your chicks will probably be o.k. I can't guarantee it, but I've had an incubator go up to that and over and the chicks hatched out o.k. So take it easy on hubby!
I'm sure he's already over getting snapped at about the curtain. But I bet he'll never open that curtain again.
There was movement in the egg i checked. I figure if the first one i looked at had movement hopefully they'd all be okay. I have 2 1/2 dozen eggs in the incubator. It would really suck to have them ruined. They are all fertile eggs too (checked them a few days ago)

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